Store Department
Head Of Department Designation Telephone / Mobile Number Permanent E-Mail ID
Shri. Prakash Ganpat Gaikwad Head of Department 7506131045 -

Department Information

Address : Swami Nityanand Rd, Tal, opp. Gokhale Marriage Hall, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206

Contact : 022 2745 8040 / 41 / 42

Responsibilities of Department :

  • To take action regarding giving new telephones to the divisional offices
  • Purchasing should be done in accordance with the procurement policy of the Department of Industrial Energy
  • Purchasing from the warehouse department under Maharashtra Government Act 1949 Check Sections 73 and 5 (2) (2)
  • Record of movable matter in movable register
  • Register of Ordered Goods Stock Register Sample Staff. 116 Rule 45 (2) (3) to take the register and distribute the goods as per the demand and requirement of the concerned.
  • The procurement is being done by inviting tenders as per rules. Purchase of materials by requesting tariffs up to Rs. 3,00,000 / - for urgent matters
  • Provide required newspapers and keep necessary accounts of the office bearers and senior officers of the corporation and to pay the newspapers, bills, photography and TV coverage bills.
  • To publish advertisement and tender notices of development programs from various departments of the corporation in local and state level newspapers.
  • Submission of expenditure proposal as per financial provision sanctioned to the department and To get approved.
  • Keeping statistics related to the department for preparation of annual estimates and paying to the concerned department from time to time.
  • Achieve annual targets subjected to the provisions received by keeping the cost control register up to date and ensure that the expenditure does not exceed the provision.
  • To keep up to date the required statistics for making strategic decision in meeting held by Standing committee, the General Assembly and the administration and to present them as required.
  • To keep records in the department for example register and expenditure record register and secondary copy of bill and all other related records to kept up to date and audited and submitted as required. To complete the proceedings in coordination with the accounts department if it is necessary to get the loan cases approved.
  • To see the printing part 1 to 4 work required by various departments of Panvel Municipal Corporation. fire department, department of security, class 4 staff, mobile workers staff and officers working in various department, buy uniforms for soldiers, gum boots, rain suit, purchase perennial slippers for class4 employees, toner ,cartridge ribbons, consumable material purchase for various department computers, buy a Xerox machine, consumable material required for Xerox machine and fax, Xerox machine and fax machine maintenance, buy master roll and ink, buy steel and wooden furniture, furniture repair care and maintenance, procurement of crockery for office bearers and officers, Xerox pare purchase, citizen daily budget printing, audit printing, providing uniforms and equipment to swimming pools, water indicators and water guards, stubborn school, uniform for mentally retarded/ orthopedic students as well as uniforms for secondary school students are produced by the store department.